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Dietary supplements are only supplied on prescription to registered patients of NutriLife Clinic.

Importance of Good Nutrition

Today's frenetic lifestyle, together with the environment, makes increasingly heavy demands on our bodies.  Exposure to pollution and stress, for example, increase the need for nutrients.  Intensive farming, food refining and processing have also resulted in a significant loss of nutrients from food.  This is made worse by transportation, storage, and subsequent cooking techniques.

A poor diet prevents the body from functioning at peak performance, and today's minor ailment can develop into tomorrow's chronic debilitating illness.  Conversely, a good diet can drastically improve energy levels, mood, behaviour, and the ability to cope with life's stresses and strains.

Some of the conditions that Nutritional Therapy can help ...

Allergies & Intolerances

Arthritis & Rheumatism



Chronic fatigue


Digestive complaints

Eating disorders

Exercise performance


Headache & Migraine

Heart disease

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Hyperactivity in children

Immune system support



Low energy


Pain & Inflammation

PMS & Menopause

Pre-surgery & recovery

Pregnancy & Lactation

Prostate problems

Skin complaints

Stress & Anxiety

Thyroid disorders

Water retention

Weight loss & management

Zest & Vitality





"The right kind of food is the most important single factor

in the promotion of health;


the wrong kind of food is the most important single factor

in the promotion of disease"


  Sir Robert McCarrison MA, MD, DSc, LLD, FRCP

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